Cogswell District Project

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Defence Team Update #5: Cogswell District Project

 Defence Team Q & A document now available, Halifax Transit updates, general overview of Valour Way closure timelines.

13 October 2022

Local Defence Team, 

Here is our latest update on Cogswell District Project activities at HMC Dockyard as of October 13, 2022.

*Reminder* Valour Way south road and sidewalk closure

  • As noted in previous Defence Team updates, the south entrance to Valour Way (at Upper Water Street) will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic for approximately two years beginning in late fall 2022 to enable the completion of a roundabout. This timeline is subject to change based on any fluctuations in Halifax Regional Municipality’s (HRM) construction schedule.
  • CFB Halifax, Real Property Operations Section Halifax (RPOSH) and other internal stakeholders are working to prepare for this closure based on the information we continue to receive from the Cogswell District Project team. There is always a possibility of last minute changes, and we will be prepared to respond accordingly to ensure impacts on our members and operations are minimized.

*NEW* Cogswell District Project – Defence Team Q & A document now available, to be updated moving forward as new information is received.

*NEW* Halifax Transit Updates 

Several Halifax Transit bus stops and routes will experience service disruptions or routing changes for the duration of the Valour Way south entrance closure. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Inbound bus stops. Inbound Halifax Transit bus stops 6104 (Barrington Street near Cornwallis Street) and 8413 (Upper Water Street across from HMCS Scotian) will be closed temporarily once the Valour Way south entrance closes. Inbound travelers who normally use stops 6104 and 8413 are advised to use stop 6088 (Barrington St after Artz St).

  • Outbound bus stops. Outbound Halifax Transit bus stops 6089 (Barrington Street at Upper Water Street) and 8414 (Upper Water Street near Valour Way south entrance) will be closed temporarily once the Valour Way south entrance closes. Outbound travelers who normally use stops 6089 and 8414 are advised to use stop 2021 (Barrington St after exit to Macdonald Bridge/before North Street). Please note that Halifax Transit will also be adding a temporary outbound bus stop south of Valour Way on Barrington Street (see map for approximate location).

  • Route 11 Dockyard: All Route 11 bus stops at HMC Dockyard including 6569 (Valour Way after Coxswain Lane), 6571 (Valour Way after Centre Gate) and 6573 (Valour Way after Rainbow Gate) will remain operational throughout the Valour Way south entrance closure. More information will be provided once a date for implementation of this revised route has been identified. For more information on Route 11, visit our Q & A page.
  • Public transit route detours. Any public transit detouring due to this project will be posted on the Halifax Regional Municipality Service Disruptions page.

*NEW* Cogswell District Project App and Photographic Time Lapse

  • Halifax Regional Municipality is in the process of testing a new App specifically focused on the Cogswell District Project. Due to be launched in fall 2022, this app will help users navigate through the construction site as the project progresses and obtain information on road closures/access restrictions in real time.
  • The municipality is also planning a photographic time lapse of the site evolution taken from 3 high-resolution cameras, which will allow people to view on-site progress of the entire Cogswell District Project over time. This information will be available from the HRM website and on the App.


A continued safety reminder for our Defence Team members (especially those who may find themselves walking, cycling or driving near the active construction areas at HMC Dockyard and HMCS Scotian):  please be aware of the presence of dust, noise pollution, the movement of construction vehicles and heavy equipment, and any other hazards that may exist due to ongoing construction activities. 


We thank all Defence Team members and units who have reached out with comments and questions regarding this project. Local Defence Team members can continue sending their feedback directly to for the duration of the project. 

CFB Halifax recognizes that local Defence Team members may be impacted by this closure differently based on their unique work arrangements, travel requirements and other factors. Members are asked to speak with their respective Chains of Command/Supervisors if they have any concerns.

Future updates

Local Defence Team members will be kept informed on any future impacts to Defence property, personnel and operations as roundabout construction progresses. All updates are consolidated and available on the Trident Newspaper website at

For more information on the Cogswell District Project, please visit the Halifax Regional Municipality website: Cogswell District | Cogswell Interchange | Halifax


HRM’s Cogswell District Project, the biggest city-building project in the history of Halifax, will convert 16 acres of road infrastructure into a mixed-use neighborhood, extending the entrance of the downtown northwards and reuniting communities separated by the interchange lands. The project’s construction work is being executed by infrastructure and project lead, Dexter Construction Limited.

A portion of Department of National Defence property at the south end of the HMC Dockyard parking lot will be impacted by this project during the construction of a new roundabout that will create a more efficient flow of traffic to/from the downtown core. Once complete, this roundabout will offer Defence Team members access to enhanced walking paths and bikeways and a more seamless vehicular entry and exit route at the south end of Valour Way.