Champion’s message: Welcome to the 2023 Halifax Region NDWCC

Champion’s message: Welcome to the 2023 Halifax Region National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign

By Captain (Navy) Andy MacKenzie
2023 Halifax Region NDWCC Champion
Base Commander, CFB Halifax

Local Defence Team,

Welcome to the 2023 National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC) season! As your local (Halifax Region) NDWCC Champion, I am happy to announce that our local campaign will run from September 12 – December 15.

For those of you who may be new to this campaign, the NDWCC provides Defence Team members with a direct line to donate to over 86,500 charities, including numerous organizations with strong ties to Canada’s military. Throughout this annual campaign, our members can support United Way, HealthPartners or any other registered Canadian charity of their choosing by donating funds, participating in special events, lending a hand through volunteer opportunities, and more. In short, participating in the NDWCC each year is an important way our 11,000+ member workforce in the Halifax region can make a substantial and positive social impact in our neighbourhoods and communities.

This year’s national NDWCC slogan is Every Dollar Makes a Difference, a slogan chosen to help remind us that even the smallest donations can make a big impact in someone’s life. I’m confident that our individual and collective actions as a Defence community will contribute to this impact.

But where to begin? Although we live in a beautiful, vibrant region in many ways, it’s no secret that poverty, illness, and various forms of marginalization are impacting local communities and vulnerable residents every day, including members of our Defence Team. Fortunately, there are charitable organizations with the expertise and passion to effect positive change for those who need a helping hand. As a start, I encourage you to learn more about the amazing work United Way Halifax, HealthPartners and all Canadian charities are doing to support vulnerable populations by visiting this list of resources.

Then, as our local NDWCC gets underway on September 12, please take a few minutes to speak with our canvassers who will begin making their way through units for the duration of the campaign season. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you navigate the pledge process.

All 2023 Halifax region NDWCC information can be found on the Trident Newspaper website at This website will be updated with news, events, and resources as the campaign progresses. You can also look forward to weekly Base-wide emails with consolidated news and updates. If you have an activity you’d like to showcase or would like to know more about the NDWCC, you can email and our coordination team will be happy to assist.

Speaking of our coordination team, I would like to thank our regional NDWCC Campaign Leader, Wayne DiPersio; our NDWCC Administration Officer, Deshawn Davison; our friends at United Way Halifax and HealthPartners; and all those who have joined (or will join) our team as unit OPIs, canvassers, event organizers and more this campaign season. Your collective efforts are appreciated and will propel us to success these next three months.

Strong Defence Team participation is imperative to the success of the 2023 NDWCC. Our members in the Halifax region, both military and civilian, are encouraged to participate in any way they can, whether donating through ePledge, payroll deductions or credit card; planning or attending virtual or in-person events; participating in fundraisers, raffles and lotteries; or volunteering in the community. Every dollar, every action, and every conversation matters. Join us from September 12 – December 15!