CFB Halifax service level update

By CFB Halifax Public Affairs,

While there may be fewer Defence Team members on Base these days, there’s still lots going on in support of our people, the MARLANT Formation and the Royal Canadian Navy. Here is a service level update graphic for our members, which includes what you need to know to access the CFB Halifax information and resources most important to you! Save it on your phone or print it off to have on-hand when needed.

 There’s so much more going on behind-the-scenes that isn’t listed here. Base Logistics (BLog), Base Information Services, Base Administration, Port Operations and Emergency Services and Base Executive Services members are working hard, both at home and on Base, to keep providing essential support to our East Coast fleet. From our QHM tug captains who support ship movements to our BLog employees who ensure the procurement and safe storage of important materiel resources, our Base team remains active and ready to help at this unprecedented time.

 Bravo Zulu to our Base Team, and to lodger units across the Formation, for your ongoing commitment to service.

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