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Wardroom ready for Mini Grey Cup

49th Mini Grey Cup has potential to be a classic

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

Less than two weeks remain before the Wardroom Officers and Fleet Club Slackers take to Porteous field for the 49th Annual Mini Grey Cup flag football game, and Wardroom coach Lt(N) John Willigar said both teams are busy preparing for what could be a memorable match.

Wardroom quarterback LCdr J.R. Gallant, seen here during last year’s Mini Grey Cup, will be returning for the 2018 edition of the game, set for October 26 at 1 p.m.

“This will not be a pick-up football game with teams drawing plays in the sand, it will be entertaining football. If weather cooperates, this has the potential to be the best Mini Grey cup to date.”

Lt(N) Willigar said weekend practices for the officers’ team have been ongoing for about six weeks, and while turnout has been good, the team is adjusting to significant turnover from last year’s game due to postings and the fall sailing schedule. New players are stepping up to fill the spots, however, and Mini Grey Cup veterans like quarterback LCdr J.R. Gallant, defensive end LCdr Vic Armes, linebacker Lt(N) Jeff Horne, and Lt(N) Willigar himself in the receiver position, all are returning for 2018.

“This year’s MGC will be a great game for sports fans to watch as both teams are organized, well coached and have talented rosters, which include several CIS level athletes, Lt(N) Willigar added.

Last year’s game was hard fought, with the Wardroom controlling the first half before failing to stop a late offensive rally from the Fleet Club, for a final score of 18-14 in favour of the Slackers. The win marked four years in a row for the Slackers, who have been victorious through 17 of the last 18 Mini Grey Cups.

But that doesn’t mean this year’s game is already decided, and Lt(N) Willigar said either team could come away with the win. He added that the key for a Wardroom victory will be winning on special teams and limiting penalties, while executing football fundamentals.

It’s also not too late to join in on practices and play for the Wardroom; any interested officers can email

For the fans, the tailgate party starts at Porteous Field at 11:30 a.m, with drinks and food available, before the Mini Grey Cup game kicks off at 1 p.m.