VAdm Topshee and CPO1 Lizotte send Season’s Greetings to all

VAdm Topshee and CPO1 Lizotte send Season’s Greetings to all


To all members of the Royal Canadian Navy Team, Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tom Lizotte and I wish you the very best this holiday season.

This past year has been a busy and often challenging one. Despite those challenges, we have achieved a lot this year thanks to your hard work and dedication. The Chief and I cannot emphasize this point enough – we are extremely grateful for the tremendous work that you do to contribute to the Navy each and every day.  

As you all know, we have been experiencing significant personnel shortages over the past few years and the pandemic has exacerbated the situation. When combined with the other challenges imposed by the pandemic, as well as cost of living increases and the demands of the troubling geo-strategic situation, we know that we have placed a tremendous burden directly on you and your families. Yet, you continue to rise to the occasion in service of Canada and your fellow Canadians. 

Know that our gratitude is heartfelt, and that addressing the personnel situation is our top priority. There is no quick fix, but we do have some exciting programs in the works, which we will be able to tell you more about in the New Year. We are determined that you will see meaningful and tangible progress on this front in 2023.

For those of you in the Regular and Reserve force, the pride you take in wearing your uniform is evident and it is wonderful to see so many of you embrace the changes adopted back in September. And to our civilian employees, our successes this year could not have been realized without your direct involvement. No matter where you work, your commitment to getting the job done is second to none.

Whether Regular Force, Reservist or civilian employee, the work you have done this year has been tremendous and you have demonstrated time and again that we are ready to Help, Lead,  Fight.

Please take this opportunity to unwind and recharge. Whatever you plan to do, and wherever you plan to be, we wish each of you a happy and safe holiday season. 

Happy Holidays!

Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee,

Commander Royal Canadian Navy

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tom Lizotte,

Command Chief Petty Officer