STADPLEX closure updates

CAF members take in a spin class at the Fleet Fitness and Sports Centre.

The future of health and fitness at CFB Halifax: What you need to know

By CFB Halifax,

In late May of this year, it was announced that CFB Halifax’s Stadacona Fitness, Sports and Recreation Centre (STADPLEX) will permanently close its doors by October 31, 2018. The facility has stood for 75 incredible years as a health and physical fitness hub for local military members, their families and the community, and holds lasting memories for many of our Defence Team personnel, past and present.

PSP Halifax, Base Administration, Real Property Operations, Base Logistics, Defence Construction Canada and many other groups and individuals have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our members continue to receive the quality health and physical fitness programming that has benefited our local Defence community for many years. New initiatives are on the horizon, long-term solutions are being explored and many planned changes are ready for implementation.

So as October 31 quickly approaches, here’s what you need to know about the future of health and physical fitness at CFB Halifax:

Extended hours of operation

Fleet (HMC Dockyard) gym

Effective November 1, the Fleet (Dockyard) gym will be open to CAF members and DND civilian/NPF employees weekdays from 6am  – 9pm and weekends from 9am  – 2pm. Valid CAF/DND identification will be required for Dockyard access. Due to security restrictions, retired Defence Team personnel and members of the public are not permitted entry onto Dockyard property. Updated fall programming for the Fleet gym can be found at,-Sports-and-Recreation-Centres/Fleet.aspx

Admiral’s Gate (Dockyard) and Lorne Terrace Gate (Stadacona)

To accommodate the extended hours of operation at the Fleet Gym, Admiral’s Gate will be open weekdays from 5am – 9pm and weekends from 9am – 5pm starting November 1. Access to the Dockyard via Rainbow Gate remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well. Presentation of valid CAF/DND identification is required at both Admiral’s Gate and Rainbow Gate to be permitted entry onto Dockyard property. To provide members with the most direct route from Stadacona to the Dockyard, Lorne Terrace Gate will share the same weekday and weekend hours of operation as Admiral’s Gate effective November 1.

Shearwater gym

The Shearwater gym is now open weekdays from 6am – 9pm and on weekends from 9am – 5pm. Serving and retired CAF members, military families, DND civilian/NPF employees and members of the public are welcome. Fall programming for the Shearwater gym can be found at,-Sports-and-Recreation-Centres/Shearwater.aspx                                       

FREE gym memberships for DND civilian and NPF employees

Effective November 1, DND civilian and NPF employees will no longer be required to purchase a GAP pass in order to use the Fleet and Shearwater gym facilities. Presentation of valid DND identification is all that will be needed to access these centres. Members who currently possess a GAP pass can visit the front desk at either the Fleet or Shearwater gym to request a prorated refund.

Upgrades to Fleet and Shearwater fitness facilities

The Fleet gym is currently undergoing structural renovations that will allow for the addition of extra cardio equipment, while the Shearwater gym will soon receive upgrades to its pool facility. Various cosmetic renovations will be completed at both facilities as well. These upgrades will have minimal impact on gym patrons; any temporary closures required during the renovation process will be communicated to members well in advance.

Changes to program, FORCE test and fitness class locations

Centennial Pool – FREE access for CAF members

Starting November 1, CAF members will be permitted free access to daily swim activities at Centennial Pool, located at 1970 Gottingen Street; a full list of swim schedule offerings will be announced soon. To access this pool facility, CAF members will be required to present military identification and sign a registry at the Centennial Pool front desk; no formal pass is required.  Free access to Needham Pool lane swims currently offered to CAF members will remain available until October 31. Open swims and lane swims remain available at the Shearwater pool as well. Please refer to the PSP Halifax website to view the current Shearwater aquatics schedule:,-Sports-and-Recreation-Centres/Shearwater.aspx 

Reconditioning Program returns to Stadacona

The Reconditioning Program will be returning to Stadacona on November 1, to be located in building S24A (the CANEX/Tim Hortons/SISIP building). The aquatic component of reconditioning programming will remain at the Shearwater pool facility. PSP Halifax will be contacting program participants directly to provide further information.

Fitness class and FORCE testing change of location

As part of the planned transition of fitness services from STADPLEX to other CFB Halifax facilities, all STADPLEX fitness classes and FORCE testing have been moved to the Fleet (Dockyard) gym, building D216. Any inquiries regarding fitness classes and FORCE testing can be sent to Lucas Hardie, CFB Halifax Fitness Coordinator at or 902-427-3524. PSP Halifax is working to secure an additional FORCE testing location to accommodate the high level of demand for services throughout the Formation.

Coming soon!

Hotel-style gym facilities at Juno Tower and Tribute Tower

In early November, Base Accommodations will be opening hotel-style gym facilities at Juno Tower and Tribute Tower. These fitness centres will be accessible 24/7 to residents of both accommodations towers as well as their guests. An official opening date will be announced in the coming weeks.

New lunch hour programming at Stadacona

PSP Halifax will be introducing brand new lunch hour fitness classes at Stadacona in the New Year. Stay tuned for an announcement in January 2019!

Existing mini-gyms and the provision of gym equipment for additional units

PSP Halifax has identified over 10 units within CFB Halifax that currently house their own unit mini-gyms. We encourage these units to continue making use of these facilities for their health and physical fitness needs. Many additional units have reached out to PSP Halifax in the last several months with interest in securing some of the STADPLEX weight and cardio equipment that will not be moved to the Fleet and Shearwater gyms. PSP staff have been working diligently to rehome much of this equipment to units that are equipped with shower facilities. Once established, these mini-gyms are the responsibility of the individual units and are not supported by PSP.

Existing fitness facilities at your fingertips

CFB Halifax is home to a variety of fitness and sport facilities and outdoor recreation areas that can be enjoyed by our local Defence community and members of the public year round. Why not try your hand at curling, or get some friends together for a softball game at Windsor Park? Have a look at the list of offerings below and make it a point to try something new today!

Indoor Fitness and Sport Facilities

  • Fleet gym (available to CAF members and DND civilian/NPF employees*)
  • Shearwater gym and pool (available to serving and retired CAF members, military families, DND civilian/NPF employees and members of the public*)
  • Shearwater Arena (available to serving and retired CAF members, military families, DND civilian/NPF employees and members of the public*)
  • CFB Halifax Curling Club – Windsor Park (available to serving and retired CAF members, military families, DND civilian/NPF employees and members of the public*)
  • Forum Arena (10.5 hours of ice team available to CAF members each week*)
  • Cole Harbour Place squash courts (Free access for CAF squash team members with presentation of valid CAF identification* Courts available Tuesday/Thursday from 11am  – 1pm and Mondays from 4pm    6pm)
  • Centennial Pool (Free access for CAF members starting November 1 with presentation of valid CAF identification at Centennial Pool front desk.* Available swims to be announced)

Outdoor DND Recreation Areas/Sports Fields

  • Ball fields – Shearwater and Windsor Park (available to serving and retired CAF members, military families, DND civilian/NPF employees and members of the public*)
  • Porteous Field and running track – Stadacona (available to serving and retired CAF members, military families, DND civilian/NPF employees and members of the public*)
  • Hartlen Point Golf Course – Eastern Passage (available to serving and retired CAF members, military families, DND civilian/NPF employees and members of the public*)

*Usage of all indoor and outdoor recreation facilities is based on availability. Please call 721-6576 for more information until October 31. A new information line will be made available in November.

Discontinuation of Locker Rental Program

The locker rental program at the Fleet gym will be discontinued effective November 1 in order to accommodate the larger volume of personnel expected at this facility. Lockers will remain available for use during your workout. If you currently pay into the locker rental program at either the Fleet or STADPLEX gym, please return your pass to the gym where you created your allotment in order to cancel if you have not already done so. You will be required to sign a form requesting to have your allotment ceased.

Demolition of STADPLEX

The demolition of STADPLEX is being coordinated through Real Property Ops and will be carried out in phases. Externally, few visual changes will be evident for several months as structural preparations are completed in advance of the full demolition.

Planning for the future

As the above changes are implemented here on Base, medium and long-term strategies are being developed to ensure that our Defence community can enjoy quality health and fitness services for years to come.

Medium-term: Temporary dome, Shearwater gym upgrades (Anticipated completion: 2-3 years)

Temporary winterized dome facility at Stadacona

A temporary winterized dome facility is being planned for Stadacona. Equipment, spaces and services to be offered are yet to be confirmed, but may include an indoor track, weight and cardio equipment and court space on which members can partake in sports such as basketball, volleyball and badminton.

Expansion of Shearwater gym facilities

While immediate (Phase 1) upgrades to the Shearwater pool facility will be completed in the coming months, a larger Phase 2 renovation is being planned for the Shearwater gym that will see the expansion of its weight and cardio rooms along with various structural improvements.

Long-term: Permanent replacement gym (Anticipated completion: 10-12 years)

A long-term capital project has been submitted for funding approval that will see a new, permanent fitness centre constructed at Stadacona. Senior leadership from the RCN, CFMWS and ADM(IE) are moving this project forward with high priority.

As we work toward these medium and long-term goals, we will continue listening to the feedback, concerns and recommendations raised by our Defence community and will remain committed to pursuing creative solutions that maximize your ability to access health and physical fitness programming on Base. Please refer to the PSP Halifax website for the latest updates.,-Sports-and-Recreation-Centres.aspx