Sixth AOPS to be named after naval war hero

Lt Robert Hampton Gray will be the namesake of the sixth and final Harry DeWolf class Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship.
By Trident Staff,

The Government of Canada has officially announced the name of the sixth and final Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship that will be built for the Royal Canadian Navy. The vessel will be named in honour of Lt Robert Hampton Gray, a Canadian naval hero of the Second World War who served as a pilot in the Pacific theatre with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm.

Lt Gray was the only member of the RCN to be awarded the Victoria Cross during the Second World War, which he received posthumously for leading the attack on Japanese destroyer HIJMS Amakusa on August 9, 1945. Lt Gray lost his life in the attack, but not before bombing and critically damaging the enemy ship just before crashing, with his aircraft already hit and in flames.

In a press release, VAdm Art McDonald, Commander RCN, said he was proud to see Lt Gray’s name join with Harry DeWolf, Margaret Brooke, Max Bernays, William Hall, and Frédérick Rolette, who will make up the rest of the AOPS fleet. This is the first time the RCN has named a class of ships after prominent Canadian naval figures and war heroes.

“Lt Gray was known to his fellow military members as a courageous leader, with a brilliant flying spirit, who continued to inspire and motivate his crew after his unfortunate passing. By naming the sixth Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship after Lt Gray, we honour him as a Canadian naval hero, and celebrate his outstanding leadership and heroism,” VAdm McDonald said.