Serve the families that support our members – become a Unit Family Representative

Serve the families that support our members – become a Unit Family Representative

By Don MacGillivray,

The Halifax & Region Military Family Resource Centre (H&R MFRC) is recruiting Unit Family Representatives (UFR) in the CFB Halifax region. Working closely with the Chain of Command and the H&R MFRC, this is a crucial role that helps connect members’ families to invaluable resources. 

Becoming a UFR is an extension of your service to those closest to you – your unit and the families that support them. Your role helps build stability and resiliency in the home, so your unit can focus on operational readiness.

Why should you become a UFR? Because they make a difference here at home:

“I have experienced the difficulties myself and informing members of the services and support available is something I take pride in doing.” 

“Because I want to help Francophone members that are arriving in an Anglophone environment.” 

“… I would like to believe that I helped members through difficult times when various issues arose.” 

What are the UFR responsibilities? 

UFRs can expect to commit anywhere from one to three hours per month in this role. As ambassadors of the H&R MFRC, the UFRs raise awareness of the H&R MFRC as a resource for members and families by: 

  • Attending an annual three-hour UFR training session; 
  • Referring members to the H&R MFRC for information or support; 
  • Providing opportunities for the H&R MFRC to offer annual unit briefing; 
  • Distributing H&R MFRC promotional items at unit events; 
  • Contributing to the well-being and esprit de corps of the unit; and 
  • Ongoing promotion of programs and services of the H&R MFRC within the Unit.

How do I become a UFR?

Check with your unit CO or visit the online UFRs Directory (link below) to see if there is an assigned UFR within your unit. The Chain of Command will appoint UFRs for their unit, and there can be multiple UFRs per unit depending upon the unit size. We welcome anyone who is interested to become a UFR.  

Do I need to be married or have a family to become a UFR?  

We hear this a lot. We define family as being: The CAF member (Reg Force & Reservist), Veteran, and those they care about: spouse, partner, parents, children, relatives, and anyone they consider family to be. In essence, we all have family!  

Additional Questions? 

Be sure to visit our web site to learn more about this program, including FAQs, TORs, or to view our recent newsletter.



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