Sailor of the Quarter: More accolades for S1 Duffy

From left, Canadian Fleet Atlantic Chief CPO1 Cavel Shebib, S1 Derek Duffy and his father Brian, with Fleet Commander Cmdre Trevor MacLean. PTE BRENDAN GAMACHE

Sailor of the Quarter: More accolades for S1 Duffy

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

Sailor 1st Class (S1) Derek Duffy will soon be stepping away from HMCS Ville de Québec for his next tech course, and if his recent accolades are any indication, he’ll be leaving big shoes to fill within the ship’s Marine Systems Engineering (MSE) department

S1 Duffy was named the Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) Sailor of the Quarter on December 5, with Fleet Commander Commodore Trevor MacLean and Fleet Chief, Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Cavel Shebib, visiting Ville de Québec’s junior ranks’ mess to present the award.

“It’s important to give recognition to sailors like S1 Duffy – it’s just about saying thanks for the hard work and for the leadership he’s shown in the unit,” Cmdre MacLean said.

“He’s shown some remarkable skill as a technician.”

It’s the second time in recent years that S1 Duffy has received the award, and his background in HVAC work before joining the CAF has been a factor on both occasions. His superiors credited his work in getting the ship’s refrigeration systems up and running in a timely fashion, allowing for food services to be certified and quality of life on board to be increased. He was also lauded for his comprehensive knowledge of auxiliary systems and willingness to share that knowledge with his peers, helping to complete training packages and advance Ville de Québec’s MSE department.

“He’s been helping out his shipmates, taking initiative, and stepping up to help get things done wherever he can. That’s what we want to see.” Cmdre MacLean said.

S1 Duffy comes from a family with four generations of naval service, and his father Brian, who now works in a civilian role with DND, was also on hand for the presentation.

S1 Duffy thanked his shipmates and supervisors for the recognition, and said he hopes to be back to Ville de Québec in 2025 for the ship’s next expected major deployment.

“It’s nice to get the award and I appreciate it very much, but everyone who works below me on the ship has been awesome and they all make it easy to be here every day, and I’m not just saying that. The same is true for the people working above me. Ville de Québec is a great ship,” S1 Duffy said.