Sailing on Op PROJECTION

HMCS Calgary and MV Asterix weigh anchor and proceed alongside in Darwin, Australia with other ships for Exercise KAKADU. 

Sailing on Op PROJECTION in HMCS Calgary

By Lt Annie-Claude Venne,

HMCS Calgary left port on July 30, 2018 in CFB Esquimalt to sail on Op PROJECTION. Calgary is sailing in the Asia-Pacific region to participate in international naval exercises with partner nations.

So far, the ship has already completed training exercises with ships from Australia and New Zealand and has visited Guam.

Calgary has participated in a regional exercise run by the Australians in Darwin. Next it will conduct visits to Vietnam, Republic of Korea and Japan to promote cooperation with partners. The final stop of its deployment will be in Hawaii. Following the crew’s hard work, Calgary will sail home to Canada in mid-December

Op PROJECTION is a display of Canada’s ongoing commitment to working well with partners. While sailing the Asia-Pacific region, Calgary is contributing to making the world more secure and stable. It shows that the Royal Canadian Navy is ready to support Canada’s interests around the world.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating our effectiveness at sea. Mission success is achieved with all hands on deck,” said Cdr Blair Saltel, Calgary’s Commanding Officer.  “We’re thankful for the support of our families. They watch the home front while we work to enhance stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region on behalf of all Canadians.”

The aim of the deployment is to work with partners to improve military cooperation. Activities during this edition of Op PROJECTION are helping to hone skills and improve partnerships.

“I get to see a part of the world and work with navies from nations that I have neither been to nor worked with before,” said OS Kathryn Struthers, a naval communicator in Calgary. “As a naval communicator, I’ve enjoyed hearing the different accents over the radio from sailors doing the same job as me but on a different navy’s ship. The biggest highlight of my trip so far has been to shoot one of our 50 caliber heavy machine guns at a hammerhead target.”

While sailing on Op PROJECTION, Calgary will make a total of eight port visits in five different countries including Australia, Japan, Korea, the United States and Vietnam. These port visits will support Canada’s diplomatic efforts in the region.

“This is my first sail,” said AB Brandon Paquet, a cook in Calgary. “While we are at sea, I am busy in the galley cooking for the crew. It has been very enjoyable. Our first port visit in Guam was a great time, especially after completing work ups. I am looking forward to seeing Vietnam and the rest of the great ports we plan to visit.”