Road to Wellness is well underway!

Road to Wellness is well underway!

By the Health Promotion Team

It’s time for a wild goose chase. If you’ve never heard of either Goosechase or Road to Wellness, you’ve got to get moving…literally

Hosted by PSP Health Promotion until July 12th, Road to Wellness is an initiative aimed at encouraging people to discover the activities which bring them joy outside of work. Whether it’s painting, kayaking, or just taking a moment to pause, you can rack up points doing recreational activities and win one of three fabulous Rodd Hotel prize packages!

Developing a personal roster of recreation and leisure activities is crucial for wellbeing. Engaging in these activities provide an opportunity to connect with others and reduce feelings of stress; they also give our brains a chance to relax and recover. Don’t already have any activities/hobbies that provide this sense of relief? What better way to find some than with an interactive experience and a chance to win an exciting weekend getaway?

CAF members can sign up online at From there, you must:

  1. Download the Goosechase App
  2. Use HP’s instructions to complete wellness missions

Don’t wait though, the initiative is already half-over. You’ll have to hustle if you want a shot at those Rodd Hotel prizes!

Note: while we encourage the participation of DND families and civilian personnel, the grand prizes are reserved for CAF members only. Still, there’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition, getting out there, and having fun!

See you on the chase…