PSP staff profile: Jessie Thibeault

Jessie Thibeault works with a client Fleet Fitness and Sports Centre.
Name: Jessie Thibeault
Hometown: Rimouski, Québec
PSP employee since: January 2019

What inspired you to pursue a career focused on fitness?

Fitness has always been a big part of my life as an athlete. Now, I feel the need to help people to reach a better health.

What do you enjoy about working in the CAF/DND environment?

I like the fact that we are a community and that we can build trust and see the progress of the military.

What are some of the challenges that come with the job?

I would say for us it can be hard at some point to understand the military world because we are civilian. It is always a challenge to do our best with the restriction that their jobs put them into (schedule, being at sea, etc.).

What kind of exercise or sports do you enjoy in your free time?

Hand to hand (circus), Acroyoga, hand balancing, jogging, training in the gym (mobility, strength, injury prevention, endurance).

What are your tips for staying fit while spending more time at home and practicing social distancing?

Going out to do jogging and walking, doing my training online with friends (handstand and circuit). I am trying to keep not too far from what I am used to my sleep schedule and also I am eating a bit less since my body is less active.

Tell us something unique about yourself outside of your job (hobbies, special interests, etc.)

I have an interest for arts in general (singing, arts and craft), I love to watch movies, I love animals more especially dogs, and also I enjoy cooking fancy recipes.