PSP staff profile: Emily Morton

Emily Morton. SUBMITTED.
Name: Emily Morton
Hometown: New Glasgow, NS
PSP employee since: November 2019

What inspired you to pursue a career focused on fitness?

Sport and fitness has played a significant role in my life since a very young age. Through competitive swimming, running, basketball and triathlon I had the opportunity to be inspired by amazing coaches, who instilled in me the importance of self discipline and embracing a holistic approach to my physical health. It was a simple decision to dedicate my post-secondary studies to the field of health and fitness. I fell in love with sharing my passion with others and giving back to those who have given me so much. I couldn’t imagine a life where I didn’t get to share my passions with those around me.

What do you enjoy about working in the CAF/DND environment?

I’m being honest when I say I love every aspect of my job. We are always in a position to help other people through sharing our knowledge, and we are lucky to be supported by fantastic leadership. The opportunities for learning are endless. The most recent highlight of my position has been instructing the Force Prep program; I have met the most wonderful and hard working CAF members and watching their progress has been incredibly rewarding.

What are some of the challenges that come with the job?

We work in a very fast paced environment, and we are lucky to have so much to keep us busy! Sometimes, however, I do wish we had a little more time to spend getting to know our members. We are blessed to work with amazing people who go above and beyond for our country everyday!

What kind of exercise or sports do you enjoy in your free time?

I train to compete in CrossFit ( functional fitness) daily, and I also love spending time outside hiking with my daughter. During the summer months especially, I still try to make time for running, open water swimming, cycling and triathlon.

What are your tips for staying fit while spending more time at home and practicing social distancing?

This is a change for all of us; it can without a doubt take a toll on our physical and mental health if we let it. Here are my top ten suggestions for staying healthy during this time.

  • Make time for movement! Tune into the base Facebook page daily at 12:00 p.m. for a workout with our amazing fitness staff. Try and move in some way for 10 minutes every hour following throughout the day.
  • Make a to do list/schedule and stick to it!
  • Get outside, fresh air and sunshine does wonders for the body and mind!
  • Try eating healthy, cooking new recipes and continue to meal prep.
  • Practice mindfulness and self care.
  • Continue to learn and increase your knowledge through reading, courses etc.
  • Connect with friends and family daily.
  • Limit the time you and your family spend on social media/screen time.
  • Try and keep your home organized and free of clutter.
  • Use this time as a chance to rejuvenate! We are all in this together.

Tell us something unique about yourself outside of your job (hobbies, special interests, etc)

In our free time, I enjoy spending time outside, and in the summer I can typically be found hiking, camping at our cottage or lying on a beach!