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PSP Halifax “Work-IN” series

The inaugural CFB Halifax Work-IN will take place at 12 p.m. AST on Saturday, March 21.

Social distancing is incredibly important right now, but we know it can be difficult on individuals and families for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re trying to balance work and childcare or feeling lonely due to a lack of socialization, it’s crucial to stay connected as a Defence community in any way we can.

Which is why CFB Halifax is excited to announce that they’re launching a live-stream “Work-IN” series – in partnership with PSP Halifax – to get you moving at home! Work-INs will be streamed from the CFB Halifax Facebook page every day at 12 p.m. AST. These 30-45 minute exercise sessions, led by certified PSP Halifax fitness instructors, and delivered in English, will be tailored to all abilities and won’t require any specialized equipment. They’ll also be saved on  Facebook for future use if you aren’t able to join in real time.

Visit the CFB Halifax Facebook page for more information.