Promoting energy awareness at work and at home

From left, Ru Yap with Johnson Controls, Yvonne Chabassol and Kendal Baker with MARLANT Safety and Environment, and Mike Petrosoniak and Barry Walker with Efficiency NS.

Promoting energy awareness at work and at home

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

Base personnel got a helpful update on local environmental and energy-efficiency initiatives recently, with information booths set up at different sites on November 15 and 16 to mark MARLANT Energy Awareness Week. Staff from MARLANT Safety and Environment and Efficiency Nova Scotia were among those on hand to speak with members at HMC Dockyard, Willow Park and Stadacona over the two days.

Mike Petrosoniak, CFB Halifax’s on-site Energy Manager with Efficiency NS, said many of the people passing by were interested in steps they could take to reduce their energy use, and in turn lower their power bills, at home.

“We even have lots of military members who are maybe newer to Nova Scotia and not aware of the different incentives and programs that are out there, and I’m happy to share that information,” he said.

“So we’ll touch on the residential aspect for folks who are interested in that for themselves, but then we also let people know about the institutional side and the work taking place here at CFB Halifax.”

That work is currently focused on the local Energy Performance Contract (EPC) and its goal of cutting base greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent by 2025. Upgrades are planned to more than 100 buildings over the next two years, bringing in new lighting, better temperature controls, and cleaner indoor air. The project is being led by contractor Johnson Controls, and Sustainability Awareness Coordinator Ru Yap was on hand to answer questions, while other members of her team conducted site visits and other planning work through the week.

Yap said her focus was to provide an overview of the project and highlight the positive changes members can expect to notice in their workplaces over the coming years. 

“We want to let people know this work is happening, so while they’re finding out how they might be able to reduce their own environmental footprint at home, we can provide some information about the EPC and how the base is also trying to reduce its own environmental footprint and the cost savings that come with that.”