PaCE: Guide to new military evaluation system released

PaCE: Guide to new military evaluation system released


With the launch of the Canadian Armed Forces’ new Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) system, the Royal Canadian Navy has released administrative instructions regarding PaCE requirements applicable throughout the performance year. 

At this time, all RCN personnel, including civilians who supervise or manage military members, should have completed the mandatory PaCE training available on the Defence Learning Network. All military personnel must have Monitor Mass accounts and be assigned to the correct position in both Guardian and Monitor Mass. Additionally, units will need to assign and keep current PaCE permissions, such as for supervisors, PaCE managers and intermediary reviewers, for their personnel on an ongoing basis.

It is important for all RCN members to understand that PaCE offers some significant differences compared to the Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System that go beyond just new forms and software. The RCN administrative instructions detail these differences, and you can anticipate updated direction and user guides as we approach the end of the performance year. All RCN members are strongly encouraged to acquaint themselves with the new rank-specific competencies and behaviours, and how these will apply to upcoming performance and potential evaluations in spring 2023.