Crewmembers of HMCS Glace Bay lower the Zodiac to conduct a Personnel Transfer. CPL YONGKU KANG, CAF

HMC Ships Glace Bay and Shawinigan on Op PROJECTION West Africa

By Trident Staff

LS Nicole Winsor, a Marine Technician from HMCS Glace Bay, jumps in recovery position for the man overboard during the rescue swimmers training serial in the Gulf of Guinea. CPL YONGKU KANG, CAF

HMC Ships Glace Bay and Shawinigan are on Op PROJECTION West Africa and their crews recently participated in community relations activities in Porto Grande, Cape Verde. Op PROJECTION West Africa represents Canada’s commitment to maritime security around the world. During the deployment, the crewmembers maintain capacities with drills such as lifesaving drills, and life onboard includes events such as church services presented by the padre.

An exercise component of the deployment has been called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the two ships are now on their way back to Halifax, expected to arrive in mid-April.