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NRU Asterix’s 100,000 Push-up Challenge

NRU Asterix Nav Comms on day one of their 100,000 push up challenge. Left to right: LS Meehan, LS Ross, MS Barter, PO2 Bosdet, PO1 Major.

NRU Asterix’s 100,000 Push-up Challenge 

By MS Barter,
NRU Asterix

NRU Asterix Nav Comms are always up for a challenge. Over the next five months, while sailing in the Asia-Pacific region as part of Op PROJECTION, they have dedicated themselves to a 100,000 push up challenge.  From now on, whenever anyone enters the Communications Control Room (CCR) they not only have to give up their electronic devices but also have to get down pump out 10 push ups. The majority of the pec ripping exercise will be performed by Asterix’s five Nav Comms (PO1 Major, PO2 Bosdet, MS Barter, LS Ross and LS Meehan (soon to be replaced by LS Proctor)) but in reality no one is safe as the CCR is unavoidable for some.

“Maybe I should get classified messages delivered directly to me from now on,” said Lt(N) Cayouette, Deck Officer.

Team spirit is at an all-time high as the Nav Comms work towards their 100,000 push up goal.  When they are not doing push ups, they are working on their other goal, the Nav Comm moustache challenge.