New HMCS Montréal crew gets its Coxn


New HMCS Montréal crew gets its Coxn

By Trident Staff

After returning from a landmark Indo-Pacific deployment on October 3, the first of its kind in many years for the Atlantic Fleet, HMCS Montréal quickly saw a Change of Command and the beginning of a crew swap 

The new ship’s company will immediately begin work towards becoming a high-readiness team before embarking on their own strategically important Indo-Pacific mission under the banner of Operation Projection in 2024. With HMCS Montréal back in Halifax, Canada’s contribution to security and stability in that region is currently being fulfilled by HMCS Ottawa and HMCS Vancouver; both ships departed from Esquimalt in mid-August.

As the new crew takes shape, Montréal welcomed its new Coxswain on October 17, with CPO1 Daniel Doyle (left) stepping into the role, taking over from outgoing Coxn CPO1 Douglas Currie (right). The Command Team, which includes new Commanding Officer Cdr Travis Bain (centre), will lead Montréal through an intensive training package over the next six months, before the ship is scheduled to return to Operation Projection next spring.