NDWCC: Donating in a digital age

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Donating in a digital age: ePledge during the 2022 National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign 2022

By Elizabeth Sharpe,
Base Public Affairs

We live in a time where almost anything can be accomplished online, whether grocery shopping, online banking or booking a hotel. Now, we can add making charitable donations to that list, too!

The National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC), as part of the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, is a charitable giving option developed exclusively for federal public servants and federal retirees. The NDWCC provides Defence Team members with a direct line to donate to over 86,500 charities, including numerous organizations with strong ties to Canada’s military.

Traditionally, donating to a charity or non-profit organization through NDWCC involved filling out a paper pledge form with small text boxes. Now, however, we can do it online through ePledge! ePledge is a secure, convenient (web based & mobile friendly) and simple way Defence Team members can donate online through payroll deduction, credit card or PayPal. Using ePledge also ensures that you automatically receive a tax receipt for whatever way you choose to contribute.

Nicole Cameron, Manager Development and Engagement with United Way Halifax believes that ePledge has positively changed the way we can donate to organizations and issues we are passionate about. Along with accessibility benefits, ePledge is also a more environmentally-friendly option since less paper forms are being printed and used.

“ePledge has modernized the way people express their compassion for community. By pledging their gift online, donors won’t have to rely on a paper pledge form,” explains Cameron. “It’s better for the environment, reduces costs and improves efficiency – all of which improves our ability to direct funds where they’re needed most.”

With access to online donating, Defence Team members are able to donate from anywhere at any time. For more information about ePledge and how to use the ePledge site, visit

“Making a donation is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete. The impact of a donation can dramatically change the course of a person’s life and we all benefit when people have the support they need to live a good life and thrive.”