MyRCN App updated: easy login and PaCE access

MyRCN App updated: easy login and PaCE access 


Thanks to user feedback, the MyRCN mobile App has been updated to make the login process easier and provide access to Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE). 

Users can now login using their D365 / Teams account, an improvement over the previous GCKey login, which users found cumbersome. 

The PaCE feature allows users to input Job Descriptions, acknowledge Feedback Notes, and update one’s Member Aspiration Profile. 

Introduced in May 2023, MyRCN provides all Canadian Armed Forces members access to leave request submissions, fleet schedules, and availability reports for Naval Reservists. 

The MyRCN team are working on adding more features in the future, such as: 

  • Career Notifications 
  • Digital In and Out-Routine 
  • Opportunity Manager 
  • On Job Performance Record (OJPR) access 

Career notifications will alert members about upcoming courses, postings, and profile status changes. 

The Opportunity Manager feature will enable authorized personnel to create tailored job opportunities using filters like: 

  • MOS ID 
  • qualifications, and 
  • courses which sailors can then respond to in the App. 

OJPR integration is being explored to facilitate member access and supervisor signatures. 

Your input is highly valuable, and we actively use it to improve the App, so please continue to submit reviews. 

Feedback can be provided directly from within the App, or at 

Stay tuned for updates on these features later this year!