Meet our Corporate Partners: BMO continues to give back

Representatives from BMO were at 12 Wing Shearwater with their Mobile Banking Truck on October 1, meeting with local members of the defence team and providing information on special services offered to CAF members and their families.

Meet our Corporate Partners: BMO continues to give back

By PSP Corporate Services

As the official bank of the Canadian Defence Community, BMO has long been a dedicated supporter of Canadian Armed Forces members and initiatives across the country.

At CFB Halifax and 12 Wing Shearwater, things are no different. Along with providing important banking services to our members, BMO’s local team have supported and been on site for many of the signature events hosted by Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Halifax over recent years, including the always-popular DND Family Days.

“And BMO has also been very important for us during this COVID-19 period. We’ve had to pivot away from large events and find unique ways to showcase this partnership, and they have been right there with us,” added Missy Sonier, PSP Halifax Corporate Services Manager.

This included throwing support behind the development of the new memorial at the Shearwater Aviation Park, honouring the lives of the RCN and RCAF personnel lost in the STALKER 22 Cyclone helicopter crash in April of 2020. Work is ongoing on the memorial to beautify the space and create an appropriate setting to remember these six members of our community. 

In addition, staff at BMO have worked to further simplify banking matters for CAF clients through the pandemic, with the goal of reducing stress in one small aspect of their day-to-day lives, said Lee Winchester, BMO’s Head of Divisional Operation for the Atlantic provinces. This was one reason for his team’s visit to 12 Wing on October 1 with the BMO Mobile Banking Truck, where they spoke to unit COs and other members about some of the free, discounted and advantageous services offered through the Canadian Defence and Community Banking Program, including employee pricing and penalty-free mortgage breaks.

“We learned about all those extra difficulties that families were going through with COVID-19, especially if you have a member off deployed and away from home,” Winchester said. “It’s just about making things easier and less complicated. If we can allow the financials to be taken care of, they can focus on family and career and the important things.”

Winchester was joined in Shearwater by other BMO representatives including local Branch Manager Daniel Worthington from the Russell Lake location on Baker Drive in Dartmouth. He noted that his staff includes a military spouse and others with CAF connections, and made it clear his clientele from the Defence Community are a top priority.

“We want it to be known that we’re here for you, whether you’re at home or away, and we’re here to stay. This partnership has been ongoing for more than 10 years, and we’re very proud of that.”