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Mariners take on First Responders

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The two teams faced off thanks to the Halifax Hurricanes of the NBL Canada, who allowed the First Responders time on the court ahead of the Hurricanes’ First Responders’ appreciation night later that evening.

Mariners take on First Responders at Scotiabank Centre

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

Members of the CFB Halifax Mariners basketball team took on a First Responders team composed of EMS, Halifax Fire, Halifax Regional Police and RCMP in a friendly scrimmage at the Scotiabank Centre on February 26.

The Halifax Hurricanes of the National Basketball League of Canada hosted a First Responders’ Appreciation Night on February 26, but before their evening game, they offered their court at the Scotiabank Centre to a First Responders basketball team for a game of their own.

The team was made up of EMS, Halifax Fire, Halifax Regional Police, and RCMP personnel, and they found a worthy opponent for the friendly scrimmage in members of the CFB Halifax Mariners team, who were able to take time out of their work day for the afternoon tune-up.

“They were hoping for a military team to play against for the afternoon, and even though not all of our guys could make it, it was still a great opportunity for both teams to have some fun,” said PSP Fitness and Sports Coordinator Kevin Miller, who usually acts as head coach for the Mariners, but suited up to play alongside them during the scrimmage game.

The match wasn’t officially open to spectators, but a number of colleagues, friends and family members of the First Responders turned out to watch, many of them coming back later in the evening for the NBL Canada game between the Hurricanes and the Kitchener-Waterloo Titans.

HRP Chief Dan Kinsella was at the game, thanked the military players for coming out, and said he was grateful for the fun opportunity to connect with others who serve the public in uniform.

The Hurricanes previously held their first DND Appreciation Night in 2018, and after the success of the First Responders’ night, plans are being made for the team to hopefully host another military-themed event in the near future.