Logistics Branch 50th anniversary dive

In the deep: Army cook Cpl Patrick Espanola of 19 Mission Support Squadron, at about 45 feet (about 14 metres) below sea level on February 19, 2018 off the coast of British Columbia.

Army cook takes an ocean dip with Logistic Branch’s 50th anniversary flag

By LCol Douglas Martin,
Director Public Affairs Planning (Operations)

A Canadian Army cook stationed at 19 Wing Comox has made history by being the first to dive to a depth of nearly 60 feet, or about 18 metres below sea level, with the Logistics Branch 50th Anniversary Flag and Pennant.

Corporal Patrick Espanola of 19 Mission Support Squadron made the salt-water dive in Tayee Cove, Nanoose, B.C. on February 19 with the safety assistance of fellow members of the Pacific Divers SCUBA Club.

“To me, this flag is building connections from here to the farthest coast,” said Cpl Espanola. “It shows how we support each other and we rely on teamwork.”

Cpl Espanola and his friends made the 30-minute dive under chilly temperatures.

“We wore dry-suits and dove to about 55 feet [17 metres] below the surface,” said Cpl Espanola. “The visibility wasn’t very good so we came back to about 35 to 45 feet [11 to 14 metres] for the photographs.”

Cpl Espanola has been a cook in 19 Wing Comox since 2015. He is a stalwart member of the 19 Wing community. Along with his membership with the dive club, Cpl Espanola has held executive membership in the Wing’s Auto Club and Woodworking Club, he is the Food representative at the Junior Ranks Mess, is a bartender for all three Messes at the Wing and if that wasn’t enough, he is a member of the Ground Search and Rescue team in the Comox Valley.

“I volunteer to help run clubs and to have better connections with our huge family,” said Cpl Espanola.

The 50th Anniversary Flag Relay has already visited 11 countries and two American states. It has traveled a distance well over the circumference of the earth at the equator.

The flag will continue across Canada culminating with a special parade on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on October 19, when the Logistics Branch will receive the Royal designation from Her Majesty as the Branch becomes the Royal Canadian Logistics Service.