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Kraken hockey team celebrates successful debut season

The Halifax Kraken developmental women’s hockey team was founded in 2023 with a goal of fostering fitness, camaraderie, and a love of the game for CAF players of all skill levels. SUBMITTED

Kraken hockey team celebrates successful debut season 

By Trident Staff 

With their inaugural season now a few months in the rearview mirror, the Halifax Kraken developmental women’s hockey team is reflecting on a successful first year and looking ahead to the future.  

Formed in 2023, the Kraken aim to provide a supportive environment for female hockey players of all skill levels, filling a gap at CFB Halifax for those who aren’t drawn to the highly competitive regional and national Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) tournaments. 


Sailor 1st Class (S1) Alexis Brewer, a founding member of the Kraken, said the team’s inclusive approach opens doors for women who are interested in hockey, but lack experience, or those who are returning to the game after years away.  

“Our dynamic is very different. We’re not expecting to go out and win games. If we score a goal, or if we’re competitive, that’s a win,” Brewer said. This perspective underscores the team’s focus on skill building, camaraderie, and sheer enjoyment of the game. 

“Many of us had previous experience playing on various teams, but the competitive atmosphere often hindered individual growth.” 

The Kraken’s creation was driven by a surge in interest among CAF members in the Halifax area eager to play hockey. The numbers enabled the establishment of an A Division team for competitive play and the B Division Kraken team for the 2023/2024 Nova Scotia Women’s Hockey League season. The dual structure ensures all players have the opportunity to participate and develop their skills.  

While the traditional Mariners women’s team excelled this past season, claiming the 2024 CAF Atlantic region championship and going on to win silver at nationals, the Kraken squad were able to celebrate some milestones of their own. From players scoring their first ever in-game goals, to the team receiving the Cindy Kane Memorial Award for exemplary sportsmanship, the season was full of positive moments, S1 Brewer said. 

“It was just a great year, and I’m so pleased with how much everyone was able to improve and have fun. We had a girl who could barely stand on her skates, but she was dedicated and kept coming back to practice and to our games – she had so much fun, and now she’s coming back next year.” 

The Kraken said backing from Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Halifax and the CAF hockey patrons was crucial; the organization recognized the need for additional hockey opportunities for women and agreed to fund the team — providing financial assistance, ice time, jerseys and other support. 

Several key individuals were also shouted out for their contributions to the team’s initial success. Captain Tracy Boyce, despite being sidelined by injury, was a steadfast presence, offering coaching, mentorship, and managing player logistics. Sailor 1st Class Ashton Richards led practices and fostered a positive learning environment, while Petty Officer 2nd Class Nicole Hinkly expertly liaised with PSP to secure the team’s needs. 

S1 Brewer said the Kraken extend their deepest gratitude for all who helped make this season possible. 

Attention will soon turn toward the 2024/2025 season, and anyone with interest in playing hockey is encouraged to reach out — no experience required. 

“The goal right now is to get the word out that we exist and there’s an opportunity to play. Hopefully we can get enough players for both teams to thrive again next year,” S1 Brewer added.