June is Recreation Month


June is Recreation Month: PLAY, your way

By Noel Paine,
Communications Advisor, Corporate Services Division, CFMWS

Every Saturday morning the Dow family strap on their helmets and go for a bike ride. For five-year-old Kaylee and six-year-old Nathan the fun is all in the race against dad to the next corner, but for mom Kerry-Ann, it’s part of their commitment to being physically active as a family.

“Being fit is important, not only to my husband’s career but to us as well, she says.

“We want to teach the kids to move more and we want to offer healthier options for playtimes. Recreational activities like biking and martial arts keep the heart pumping and our kids moving.”

The Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Recreation Program plays a key role in developing military communities that are active and families that are supportive of CAF members’ fitness. PSP Recreation offers military families a variety of opportunities to be physically active and to participate in programs that meet their needs and interests.

“By reinforcing a more complete integration of families through recreational programming, there is a profound impact on the CAF’s operational capability,” says Dr. Michael Spivock. “A family that is committed to physical activity will have a stronger influence on the individual CAF member’s lifestyle, choices and commitment to fitness training.”

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommends at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity for children, and at least 150 minutes per week for adults. While that may not sound like much, only about 11 percent of children and 15 percent of adults currently meet that standard.

PSP Recreation celebrates Recreation Month every June by drawing attention to the many benefits of participating in recreational activities. The 2019 theme, “PLAY, your way”, highlights how PSP accessible recreational activities and facilities allow you to find what you need, when you need it.

“We love how many options there are” says Kerry-Ann. “From participating in classes, to using the facilities, to renting a canoe so we can be active over the weekend. PSP is a great resource to have on base.”

Visit to learn more about how you can participate in June is Recreation Month celebrations. Find local events and be sure to enter the National contest for a chance to win a Grand Prize outdoor adventure package valued at $2,500.