HMCS Halifax becomes Flagship of SNMG1

Cmdre Bradley Peats of the Royal Canadian Navy, left, assumed Command of SNMG1 from Flag of Portugal Cmdre Mirones during a Change of Command ceremony on January 18.

HMCS Halifax becomes Flagship of SNMG1

By Trident Staff

Sailors from HMCS Halifax are currently wearing this patch indicating their service on the Flagship of SNMG1.

HMCS Halifax has arrived in Europe to begin its Operation REASSURANCE deployment alongside allies with Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1). The ship arrived in Lisbon, Portugal on January 18 and assumed command of the NATO task group under RCN Cmdre Bradley Peats, taking over from the Portugese Navy and Cmdre José António Mirones. HMCS Halifax will now serve as the SNMG1 Flagship for the duration of the six-month deployment. Prior to arriving in Lisbon, Halifax had an initial stop in Portsmouth, UK, where they restocked on supplies and held the ship’s holiday dinner on board.

SNMG1 is a multinational integrated maritime force composed of warships, aircraft and military personnel from various NATO contributing nations. The maritime component of Op REASSURANCE is part of Canada’s commitment to support NATO assurance and deterrence measures in Europe.