Going beyond Pink Shirt Day

CFB Halifax Base Commander Capt(N) Mazur (front left) and members of his team participated in the 2019 Pink Shirt Day campaign at CFB Halifax. Specially designed t-shirts will be available for purchase at CFB Halifax this year in support of 2020 Pink Shirt Day, which takes place on February 26.

Going beyond Pink Shirt Day

By Sydney MacLeod,
CFB Halifax PA Intern

Inspired by a humble act of kindness in small-town Nova Scotia, Pink Shirt Day goes to show just how powerful one simple act of kindness can be. What started out as a stand against bullying has evolved into a very influential campaign with one purpose – to create a more inclusive and diverse world.

On February 26, we invite you to join us by wearing pink to support the message of creating a safe and healthy workplace at CFB Halifax through respect and kindness.

Our CFB Halifax theme for this year’s Pink Shirt Day is Be Kind, a simple but powerful message encouraging us to be compassionate with one another. Practicing small, everyday day acts of civility, care, consideration, and kindness can go a long way to help everyone feel safe, comfortable and respected at work.

There are numerous benefits to creating a civil and respectful workplace such as higher job satisfaction, improved morale, better teamwork, enhanced supervisor-staff relationships, reduced sick leave, reduced turnover rate and an increased interest in personal development.

“Supporting our staff and promoting a healthy workplace at CFB Halifax is incredibly important,” explains Capt(N) David Mazur, CFB Halifax Base Commander. “We want all Defence Team members, both military and civilian, to feel safe, respected, and included not just on Pink Shirt Day, but every day.”

For local Defence Team members who may encounter issues at work or for those who simply want to learn more about promoting respect in the workplace, conflict management and healthy practices, CFB Halifax boasts a variety of programs, resources and services through organizations such as Canadian Forces Health Services Centre (Atlantic); the Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program; Conflict and Complaint Management Services Centre Atlantic; the DND Employee Assistance Program; and PSP Health Promotion Services.

Pink with a Purpose

Don’t have a pink shirt to wear on February 26? Don’t worry. Fundy Textile & Design Limited, a DND Family Days sponsor for over 15 years, is thrilled to be partnering again with CFB Halifax as the t-shirt sponsor for Pink Shirt Day. With the support and co-sponsorship of their t-shirt supplier, Sanmar Canada, the two companies are providing 400 pink shirts that will be available for purchase at CFB Halifax for anyone interested in supporting the cause.

The shirts will be sold at HMC Dockyard, Stadacona, Willow Park and 12 Wing Shearwater for only $5. For a detailed list of locations, refer to the MARLANT Intranet splash page, keep an eye out for Base and Wing-wide e-mails, and follow our CFB Halifax social media channels (Twitter: @CFBHalifax, Facebook: @BaseHalifax and Instagram @cfbhalifax_bfchalifax). For CAF members who would like to wear their own pink shirts on February 26, the $2 Dress with a Difference fee will be in effect. This fee will be waived for CAF members who purchase a t-shirt.

Now you may be thinking, how am I helping anybody by wearing a pink shirt?

Discrimination takes many forms, whether it’s based on race, age, gender, sexuality or disability. While progress has been made towards removing these barriers, there is still much more to be done. By wearing pink, you send the message that you are welcoming and accepting of others and intolerant of bullying and disrespect in the workplace.

Better yet, by purchasing on of our limited edition pink shirts, you’ll be supporting local non-profit organizations that help youth navigate issues such as violence prevention and gender identity. All of the proceeds from each $5 t-shirt purchase will be donated to LOVE (Nova Scotia) and The Youth Project.

LOVE (Nova Scotia) supports youth to thrive through programs and healthy relationships. Some of the many programs offered include a leadership program, violence prevention committee’s media arts after school program and a national leadership camp. Learn more at

The Youth Project is dedicated to providing support and services to youth, 25 and under, around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. They provide a variety of resources including support groups, referrals, supportive counselling, a resource library, educational workshops and social activities. Learn more at

A healthy workplace and community begins with kindness. On February 26, please wear pink, be kind, and continue the trend all year long.