Girl Guides visit to HMCS St. John’s

Members of the 2nd Bedford Girl Guide unit visited HMCS St.John’s on March 4, ahead of International Women’s Day, to tour the ship and learn about opportunities for women in the Royal Canadian Navy and CAF.

HMCS St. John’s welcomes visitors from Girl Guides of Canada

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

In a bit of role reversal, members of St.John’s prepared cookies for the Girl Guide visitors to decorate and eat during a break from the tour.

Members of HMCS St.John’s hosted a special group of visitors on the evening of March 4, just days ahead of International Women’s Day. The ship welcomed 28 members of the 2nd Bedford Girl Guides of Canada Unit, along with their Guide leaders, for an opportunity to tour an RCN warship, meet with sailors, and learn about some of the careers available to women in Canada’s Navy.

The girls toured areas of the ship including the bridge and operations room, took in presentations on weapons and damage control gear, experienced a smoke maze exercise, and had an opportunity to sit down and chat with a number of female sailors across different ranks and trades who volunteered to take part in the event.

“This would be a great activity anytime, but especially with International Women’s Day taking place, we thought it would be a nice way to have some young women from the community come learn about the work we do,” said PO2 PIerre Gagnon, who played a role in organizing the tour.

Lt(N) Julia Davidson-Arnott, a deck officer with St. John’s, gave the girls a quick safety brief in the hangar and answered a few questions before taking them below decks. She said her and her colleagues were looking forward to having the Girl Guides on board.

“We work hard but our jobs are also a lot of fun and we’re excited to show everybody that,” she said.

Special credit went to those who volunteered for the evening, including Lt(N) Davidson-Arnott, Lt(N) Murray, Lt(N) Morgan, Lt(N) Whittaker, SLt McCafferty, SLt O’Reilly, SLt Plumb, PO1 Lillington, MS Kelly, LS Houston, LS Beaupre (HMCS Toronto), LS Shering , OS Angel, and OS Wu.