Get your high school diploma: CAF supports academic journeys

Get your high school diploma: CAF supports academic journeys

By Anna Wilk,
Policy Analyst, Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group

If you are a Regular Force or a Reserve Force member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who does not currently hold a high school diploma, the High School Education Initiative (HSEI) is for you. This is a great opportunity for members who joined the CAF without completing their high school diploma to obtain it while still serving in the military.

Did you know that you may need fewer credits than you think to obtain your high school diploma if you have successfully completed your Grade 10 education and basic military qualification training (BMQ/BMOQ), along with life and work experience, you may be granted credits towards a HSD. Contact your local school district for further information.

Your high school diploma will open doors to a commissioning plan or occupational transfers and specialized occupations. Most military occupations prefer that their applicants hold a Grade 12 or equivalent education, especially in technical and health-related occupations. A high school diploma is also increasingly required in hiring criteria for civilian and trade jobs, if you decide to transition out of the CAF. Acquiring your HSD early on in your career can not only have a positive impact on your current career but will aid you as you transition to the civilian workforce when the time comes.

High school courses are free of charge through many provincial or territorial Ministries of Education and, in accordance with your service position, your approving authority may grant you special leave to complete your courses during your paid service. For more information, consult the HSEI or your local CAF Transition Center for step-by-step instructions on the policies and regulations that govern the application and reimbursement processes for educational upgrading such as the CAF Self-Development Program, which is designed to support self-development of CAF members throughout their careers, and the high school programs offered within your province or territory of residence.