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‘Game changer’ golf lessons promote CAF women’s sports

A group of CAF golfers attended three days of lessons at Hole9Golf in Halifax as part of the CAF Women in Sports initiative. NATHAN STONE

‘Game changer’ golf lessons promote CAF women’s sports

By Nathan Stone
Trident staff

A group of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) golfers attended three days of golf lessons recently in Halifax. From March 19th-21st, for four hours a day, the golfers had access to simulated driving ranges, putting practice, and one-on-one training from golf instructors. 

The lessons were funded by the CAF Women in Sports initiative, which seeks to promote equal funding, participation and interest in women’s sports. The outing was organised by Personnel Support Program’s (PSP) and hosted at the Hole9Golf facility on Strawberry Hill Street. Fitness and Sports Coordinator Isaac Habib said he booked the lessons as a way to introduce the game to new players and strengthen the skills of the women on the Atlantic region golf team.

“The regional golf team is made up of six men and six women. Typically, we are short women golfers and never have a complete team… I thought it would be great to use the funding this year to help improve and train our current golfers and to identify new golfers in the Halifax/Shearwater Region.”  

PO2 Natalie Alcorn described the opportunity as a chance to re-engage with golf after time away from the sport. NATHAN STONE

Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2) Natalie Alcorn said the opportunity to spend a few days improving her game was too tempting to pass up. She said used to golf regularly with her husband, but now they have three young children and very little time to hit the links. According to PO2 Alcorn, these lessons gave her the chance to re-engage with the sport.

“It’s nice to play again and to get ready to beat my husband in the summer,” she said.

For Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1) Charmaine Chaddock, the one-on-one coaching was the biggest draw to participate. She started golfing about four years ago, after suffering a series of ankle injuries playing soccer, but said this was her first-time taking lessons.

She’s optimistic about how it will help her improve as a player. 

“This will hopefully be a game changer for my summer games with my girlfriends this year.”

The golfers experienced a little friendly competition before the end of their lessons. They participated in a driving competition and as a finale they played a virtual round of golf that simulated a course in Hawaii.