From CNTG to CSNMG2: A big step on a journey of letters and numbers 

Nathaniel (Left) and Jackson (Right) affix the new Commodore shoulder boards on their father Matthew.

From CNTG to CSNMG2: A big step on a journey of letters and numbers 

By Naval Training Group Public Affairs 

“This is a fairly uncommon event,” remarked Rear-Admiral Christopher Robinson, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) “to have the honour of promoting someone to the rank of Commodore within our Formation.” 

RAdm Robinson was addressing a small group of Naval Training Group (NTG) personnel, family, and friends of Captain (Navy) (Capt(N)) Matthew Coates who were gathered at Work Point’s Gun Room for his promotion ceremony on June 17. 

Capt(N) Coates served as NTG’s Commanding Officer from 2021 until a few weeks ago when he relinquished command to prepare for his next assignment as Commander Standing NATO Maritime Group 2. 

RAdm Robinson commended Capt(N) Coates for his professional attributes and underscored how his new rank reflected a deepening responsibility for institutional leadership.  

“As I look around this room, I am humbled by the realization of how so many people contributed to my professional growth over the past decades,” reflected Capt (N) Coates. He recognized several people by name and concluded by expressing gratitude for his family’s support. “As the Admiral stated moments ago, I may be moving on to a dream job, but that also comes at a cost,” he proclaimed while looking to his two sons, Nathaniel and Jackson, and wife Meghan. “Your understanding, resilience and your love are the foundation that supports everything I do.” 

RAdm Robinson invited the two boys to come forward to install their father’s new rank and after a few moments of trial and error with the mechanics of the shoulder boards, the former Captain (Navy) officially became Commodore Matthew Coates.  

Based in the Mediterranean Sea, SNMG2 is one of four Standing Naval Forces that operate under NATO Allied Maritime Command. The Atlantic Fleet recently saw the departure from Halifax of His Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Charlottetown, who will join and assume flagship duties for SNMG2 as part of Operation REASSURANCE for the next six months. Cmdre Coates officially took command of SNMG2 during a ceremony in Toulon, France on July 1.