Final steward says goodbye to CFS Alert

MS Shane Barker (centre) presents the Stewards’ Flag to MWO Renee Hansen (left) and Maj Caden Stiles (right).

Last steward standing

By 2Lt Daniel McCall,
CFS Alert

After many decades of managing both of the CFS Alert messes and running the Alert Trading Post, the steward trade is at last departing the isolated northern station to be replaced by PSP staff. This marks the end of an era for the station, as the presence of stewards aiding with the morale and welfare of Alert personnel has been a constant since the station’s inception. The last of the CFS Alert stewards, MS Shane “Tradie” Barker, is sad to see his trade leaving the station for good, but is proud of everything that has been accomplished by the stewards during their long tenure at the station.

“Alert is more than just a place, it’s an experience,” MS Barker said of his experiences at the northern station. “It’s been a big part of my life, and I’m glad I’ve had the chance to give something back. Everyone should have the chance to experience a place like this.”

MS Barker’s presence at CFS Alert will certainly be missed. His constant positivity and relentless enthusiasm have consistently boosted the morale of station personnel, and his skill as a natural entertainer is always sure to draw laughter and smiles at any station event. A born salesman, MS Barker managed to increase the sales at the Alert Trading Post by more than 50% during his time at the station, and has left a lasting mark on all those who have worked around or alongside him.

Melanie Earle, the PSP staff carrying on the torch as manager of the Alert messes and Trading Post, is sad to see MS Barker go, but is also excited to take on the challenge of creating her own legacy at CFS Alert.

So as CFS Alert moves into the season of endless daylight and summer OP BOXTOP, the station welcomes PSP staff as a permanent addition to its family, and bids a warm and fond farewell to the generations of stewards who have dedicated themselves to its success.