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Face of Base: Max Murphy


We are thrilled to introduce this week’s Face of Base: Maxwell (Max) Murphy! Max is the Video Editor for Formation Imaging Services (FIS) at CFB Halifax. Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Max joined the CAF in 1987, spending two years in the infantry reserve before transferring into the Air Force as an Aviation Technician. A decade later in 2000, Max became an Imagery Technician after taking multiple video training courses.

After his release from the Forces in 2017, Max joined the team at FIS as a civilian. He had been interested in video since a child, and after leaving the military he longed to get back into video work.

Today, Max’s job as video editor includes producing products for internal and external audiences. Most of the video content he edits is used for training or public communications through social media. Recently, FIS played a significant role in communicating to the public the Royal Canadian Navy’s acceptance of the newest Artic and Offshore Patrol Ship, the future HMCS Margaret Brooke. Max was part of the team making the events accessible for the public to see what was happening.

Fun fact! Max used to be an active musician playing and writing his own songs. He even released a CD called UPALONG, a collection of music about being a Newfoundlander living up along, (in Mainland Canada). Happy to have you as part of our Defence family, Max!