CPO2 Lynn Cassidy receives RCN commendation for COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Capt (N) Andy MacKenzie, Base Commander CFB Halifax, awarded CPO2 Lynn Cassidy the Command Commendation on behalf of Commander RCN, VAdm Angus Topshee.

CPO2 Lynn Cassidy receives RCN commendation for COVID-19 vaccination rollout

By Leah Coughlin,
CFB Halifax Public Affairs 

On November 2, 2022, Chief Petty Officer Second Class (CPO2) Lynn Cassidy received a Commander Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Commendation for her involvement in both Operation Vector, the Canadian Armed Forces’ support to the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial governments for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines as well as the 2021 Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Captain (Navy) Andy MacKenzie, the Base Commander of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax, awarded CPO2 Cassidy the commendation on behalf of Commander RCN, Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee. 

The Command Commendation is awarded to Defence Team members to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty. It is a rare and special honour for Defence Team members to receive. 

“I was overwhelmed with honour when I received word that I was a recipient of the Command Commendation,” says CPO2 Cassidy. “It has always been my nature to put others before myself, so it was unexpected and exciting to receive.”

CPO2 Cassidy was CFB Halifax’s Operation Vector vaccination program coordinator and was subsequently appointed the Second-in-Charge of the overall MARLANT COVID-19 vaccination rollout on May 25, 2021. She was responsible for the coordination and scheduling of all Formation integral and lodger units. As cited in her commendation, CPO2 Cassidy was awarded the Command Commendation for her staunch leadership, professionalism, tireless resourcefulness and meticulous attention to detail that had a direct, significant and positive impact on the overall operational effectiveness of the Formation.’ 

“When I was appointed to be the Vaccine Liaison Officer (VLO) for CFB Halifax and its lodger units for OP Vector, I accepted right away,” says CPO2 Cassidy. “The health and safety of our Defence Team members is so important and I was excited to be a part of such a worthy and notable event.” 

Over 8,000 local Defence Team members were captured in the original OP VECTOR rollout, with about 95 percent of local Defence Team members opting to receive the first vaccination. 

Bravo Zulu, CPO2 Cassidy, on this important commendation!