Clearance Diver and NTOG recruitment drive set for June 13

Clearance Divers led a Dive Medical Course at Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic) in May.

Clearance Diver and NTOG recruitment drive set for June 13 

By Trident Staff 

An upcoming recruitment event is targeting highly motivated and physically fit individuals with interest in two of the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) most specialized roles. 

The joint Clearance Diver/Naval Tactical Operator drive will take place in the S-120 first floor auditorium on June 13, with a morning session at 9 a.m. and an afternoon session at 4 p.m. 

Clearance Divers are full-time RCN divers who specialize in neutralizing explosives both below and above water, with additional responsibilities that include underwater repairs, search and rescue support, and maintenance for all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) diving equipment. Clearance Divers also handle training for all CAF diving roles.  

Naval Tactical Operators specialize in advanced boarding operations at sea as part of the Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG). They typically deploy to augment a ship’s company and enhance a ship’s maritime interdiction or force protection capabilities when operating in dangerous environments. They can also provide additional security in other situations that are deemed to be high risk, like evacuations of civilian non-combatants, or during humanitarian/disaster relief missions. 

Both trades deploy around the world frequently and work closely with partner nations for exercises and training. 

The recruitment drive is open to all currently serving Regular Force and Reserve CAF members; no registration is required.