CAF COVID-19 vaccination clinics coming soon

The first doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine were delivered to CAF members at CFB Halifax on January 12.

CAF COVID-19 vaccination clinics coming soon

By CFB Halifax,

COVID-19 vaccination clinics for all eligible Canadian Armed Forces members in the Halifax region are coming soon.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be available to all Regular Force, Reserve Force Class C and Reserve Force Class B members (contracts over 180 day). A select number of civilian members of the Defence Team (DND Employees and Contractors) associated with specific operations will receive their vaccine by the CF H Svcs C (A). The majority of civilian members of the Defence Team will be vaccinated via the Nova Scotia Vaccination Program.

Starting in mid-April, and running through to mid-June, Canadian Force Health Services Centre (Atlantic) will be delivering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. By the middle of June, all eligible Canadian Armed Forces members are scheduled to receive both doses based on the current vaccine allotment.
In order to accommodate the approximate 6200 eligible CAF members across 120+ units in the MARLANT area, the following locations will be used on a rotating basis:

a. Stadacona (Wardroom)
b. HMC Dockyard (HMCS Scotian); and
c. 12 Wing Shearwater (Sea King Club).

These locations will be set-up to accept only those units scheduled to receive vaccinations. CAF members arriving without an appointment will be turned away.
Command Teams will be notified by the MARLANT Vaccination Operations Team when and where their unit will be required to attend a vaccination clinic. Scheduling will be based on operational priority via the MARLANT Vaccination Priority Working Group and Operations Team.

All eligible personnel will be informed of when and where they will receive their vaccination by their Chain of Command. Personnel are not to call the immunization cell or Base Clinic to book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. All eligible members shall attend their unit’s scheduled vaccination clinic and receive information about the vaccine. Following this briefing, they may elect to decline the vaccine following consultation with a healthcare provider (Informed Consent).

Although COVID-19 vaccinations are voluntary, CAF members are highly encouraged to obtain one. For more information, contact your Chain of Command.