Base Service Spotlights

Pay & Records, Shearwater Base Orderly Room

What are the responsibilities of the Shearwater Base Orderly Room’s Pay & Records team?
Reviewing and entering pay transactions; processing administrative transactions in Guardian such as promotions, address changes, and leave passes; processing in and out clearances; and distributing correspondence in a timely manner. 

Who can use the Shearwater BOR’s Pay & Records service?
All Canadian Armed Forces members in Shearwater. 

Where is the Pay & Records team located?
12 Wing Headquarters (building SH 251) in the Base Orderly Room. 

How many people work in the Shearwater BOR Pay & Records team?
Currently 10 members.

How does the Shearwater BOR’s Pay & Records team support Canadian Armed Forces members and/or operations?
The team provides advice and offers support on all matters pertaining to administration. For example, when a Shearwater-based CAF member is deploying, the team’s Human Resources Administrator supports them by assisting in completing their screening requirements and preparing their Defence Advisory Group files. 

Are there any interesting facts to share about the Pay & Records team?
The Shearwater BOR’s Pay & Records team serves approximately 1100 front counter queries and responds to approximately 13,000 mailbox queries per year.

How can I contact the Shearwater BOR’s Pay & Records team?
By emailing +12W BOR Pay & Records@CFB Halifax BOR@Shearwater or by calling 427-CASH and selecting option two.