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Atlantic region runners bring back hardware from CAF nationals

Runners head off from the starting line at the beginning of the CAF National Running Championship, held as part of Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend on May 28 and 29.

Atlantic region runners bring back hardware from CAF nationals

By Trident Staff

After a hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, the CAF National Running Championships returned for 2022, once again taking place alongside the civilian events at the Tamarack Ottawa Race weekend in Ottawa, with 5K and 10K races happening on May 28, and the half and full marathon events on May 29.

MS Mark Brown of Halifax was one of only six CAF competitors to complete the marathon course, posting the best time with a finish of 2:47:50.

A number of athletes from the Atlantic Region, including CAF members who work in Halifax and Shearwater, were among those who qualified and traveled to the event. MS Mark Brown took the gold medal in his marathon category, while S1 Sarah Mason, Lt(N) Emilie Beland and Capt Daniel Gorman also earned top finishes in the 10K and 5K races.

Organizers with PSP said they were thrilled to have the event running again, noting that it was just one of many signature CAF and PSP events that have returned for 2022.

For local runners in Halifax, the season is still in full swing, and there’s plenty of time left to register for this year’s in-person Navy 10K run on August 21.


MARATHON (all finishers)

MS Mark Brown (35-47) – Halifax: 2:47:50

Capt Kyle Goodwin (Under 35) – Gagetown: 3:08:26

A/SLt Emilie Caron (35-47) – Ottawa: 3:35:58
Cpl Frederic Dion (35-47) – Valcartier: 3:47:54
CWO Marco Cote (48+) – Ottawa: 2:49:58

HALF MARATHON (top finisher in each category)
2Lt Logan Roots (Under 35 men) – Comox: 1:13:11
Maj Alana Cadieux (35-47 women) – Cold Lake: 1:42:24

S1 James Fielding (35-47 men) – Valcartier: 1:22:36

Cpl Helene Fortier (48+ women) – Ottawa: 1:49:26
Maj Paul Owens (48+ men) – Ottawa: 1:36:09

10K (top two in each category)

Maj Celine Best (Under 35 women) – Valcartier: 39:55:0
S1 Sarah Mason (Under 35 women) – Halifax: 41:47:08
MCpl Pat Ryan Albano (Under 35 men) – Edmonton: 36:06:02

Lt(N) Adrian Thow (Under 35 men) – Esquimalt: 37:12:02

Cdr Ellen Mariano (35-47 women) – Valcartier: 52:39:09
Lt Melissa Walcott (35-47 women) – Gagetown: 52:41:02

Capt Matt Setlack (35-47 men) – Trenton: 35:00:01
LCdr Johnathan MacDonald (35-47 men) – Comox: 35:11:07

MS Mark Ritchie (48+ men) – Esquimalt: 40:53:06

5K (top two in each category)

Capt Jessica Grace (Under 35 women) – Ottawa: 19:53:08
Lt(N) Emilie Beland (Under 35 women) – Halifax: 19:54:00
Capt Daniel Gorman (Under 35 men) – Halifax: 15:27:03
MCpl Jean-Phillipe Dion (Under 35 men) – Valcartier: 16:52:08

Maj Lesley Quinlan (35-37 women) – Ottawa: 20:36:09

Maj Heather Smith (35-47 women) – Comox: 21:20:02

WO Donald Evans (35-47 men) – Gagetown: 17:29:07

Capt Darren Kroeker (35-47 men) – Shearwater: 19:21:08

LCol Soo Owens (48+ women) – Gagetown: 19:06:01
Lt(N) Marie-Chantal Lechasseur (48+ women) – Yellowknife: 20:39:09