Army Reserve job fair highlights “fantastic employment opportunities”  

36 Canadian Brigade Group hosted a job fair on the Halifax Common on April 20, one of several recruiting events held across the province and country through April. SUBMITTED

Army Reserve job fair highlights “fantastic employment opportunities”  

By Nathan Stone,
Trident Staff 

Members of the public got a hands-on look at vehicles, artillery, and other pieces of equipment. SUBMITTED

Canadian Army Reserve personnel, equipment, vehicles, arms and artillery were all on hand at the 36 Canadian Brigade Group’s (36 CBG) job fair on the Halifax Common on April 20.  

Held across the street from the historic Halifax Armoury, the fair encouraged passers-by and those curious about military careers and to learn more about the many roles and functions of the Army Reserve. Experienced personnel from multiple 36 CBG units were on hand to answer questions about available trades and jobs and share their personal experiences as reservists. 

Approximately 500 people visited throughout the day, according to Captain (Capt) Jacob Killawee, who was on the event’s planning team. He says that job fairs are a great recruitment tool, as they provide potential recruits with the opportunity to engage with 36 CBG’s people and get an accurate picture of what life can be like in the Army Reserve. 

“It’s really important to let the public know and see what the Reserve is and demystify a lot of the questions about what service means as a reservist.” 

Unlike the Royal Canadian Navy, whose presence in the city is highly visible, Capt Killawee says that the Army needs to remind the public of its work in Halifax and of the career opportunities that it can provide.  

Canadian Army Reserve fairs were held across Canada in the month of April. The Department of National Defense is emphasizing the need to recruit as it tries to remedy the personnel shortfall in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  

“We’re hearing this from the [Chief of the Defence Staff], that his top priority is recruiting and retention,” says Capt Killawee. 

Job fairs are just one of many ongoing efforts to boost personnel numbers in the CAF. Capt Killawee added the Army Reserve is committed to showing Canadians the unique careers and training available through full or part-time service. 

“We are making every effort to remind Canadians of these fantastic employment opportunities… It’s an adventure and you get to do outstanding things with outstanding people.”