Aldershot hosts regional powerlifting

Halifax’s LS Christopher Barnes lifts in the men’s heavyweight division.

Regional powerlifting first Aldershot-hosted CAF competition

By Sara White,
Managing Editor, The Aurora

Heavy weights didn’t put off 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown Detachment Aldershot from hosting its first ever CAF regional sports championship. From April 1 to 3, the base staged the Atlantic Regional powerlifting competition.

“Welcome to Aldershot,” Maj Brian Brooks, commanding officer, said at the April 2 opening ceremonies. “I’m excited about what’s going to be happening over the next day or so, but I’m excited to be in Aldershot every day.

“Our mission is to support training – army, navy, air force and whoever else finds us. You’re here to compete. You’re in the land of Glooscap, a legendary Mi’kmaq figure representing perseverance and strength. That’s you, too. Have a good competition!”

Twenty-eight athletes from 9 Wing Gander, 14 Wing Greenwood, Aldershot, Shearwater, Halifax and Gagetown competed individually and in teams. Events included the deadlift, bench press and squat in three men’s weight classes, plus a women’s division; with weights and scores tallied out to determine the winners.

Gagetown won the team award, with individual athlete results as follows:

Women’s overall

Second Lieutenant Lisa Wolf, Gagetown, first place (275 total kgs, 328.6 Wilks pts); Cpl Devine, Gagetown, second place (357.5 total kgs, 316.7 Wilks pts); OS Boudreau, Halifax, third place (312 total kgs, 284.6 Wilks pts).

Men’s lightweight

MWO Rob Dyke, Gander, first place (590 total kgs, 403.7 Wilks pts); LS Bonvie, Halifax, second place (520 total kgs, 372.2 Wilks pts); MCpl Aitcheson, Gagetown, third place (462.5 total kgs, 338.6 Wilks pts)

Men’s middleweight

Cpll Dixon, Gagetown, first place (672.5 total kgs, 413 Wilks pts); LS Johnson, Halifax, second place (655 total kgs, 404 Wilks pts); Sheppard, Halifax, third place (580 total kgs, 359.4 Wilks pts).

Men’s heavyweight

Capt Morrow, Gagetown, first place (725 total kgs, 431.1 Wilks pts); MCpl Audette, Gagetown, second place (682.2 total kgs, 402.2 Wilks pts); MS Hibbert, Halifax, third place (625 total kgs, 372.7 Wilks pts).

Results from Greenwood- and Aldershot-based athletes included, in men’s lightweight: Cpl Francis Wheeler, Aldershot, seventh place (400 total kgs, 274.3 Wilks pts); in men’s middleweight: Aviator Wile, Greenwood, fifth place (500 total kgs, 330 Wilks pts); Sgt Bessegato, Aldershot, sixth place (510 total kgs, 312.9 Wilks pts); Aviator David Szasz, Greenwood, seventh place (445 total kgs, 277.7 Wilks pts); in men’s heavyweight: Aviator Peddle, Greenwood, sixth place (507.5 total kgs, 301.5 Wilks pts); Pte Murphy, Greenwood, seventh place (415 total kgs, 251.9 Wilks pts); Cpl McKillop, Aldershot, DQ (507.5 total kgs, 291.5 Wilks pts).