Padre’s Corner: Look up!

St. Brendan’s Chapel at Stadacona.
Photo: CFB Halifax

Padre’s Corner: Look up!

By Padre (Capt) Brenda Zwicker,
Fleet Chaplain

There has been a lot of interesting discussion lately around the new Netflix-produced film “Don’t Look Up.” One article I read called it a parable of our distracted society. I found the movie entertaining while I watched, but then it stayed on my mind afterwards as I wondered if society has reached that level of foolish thinking where common sense is no longer heard.

If it has reached that level, we certainly don’t have to stay there. One antidote for the ills of being blind to the problems of the community around us and entrenched in our own narrow views is to care for others. In the Christian Bible, Jesus taught what is now called the Golden Rule; we are to treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. We can do this. 

The peer support program called Sentinels equips sailors to be that person who looks around and notices if someone is struggling. We all want a workplace where we feel seen and cared for so the Sentinels are living the Golden Rule, they are watching out for others. They are caring for others in the same way they hope to be cared for themselves.

The Royal Canadian Navy has enthusiastically embraced the Sentinel program. The beautiful part of taking the time to care for others is it also improves our own sense of well-being. A study in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal found peer support services afford individuals the opportunity to benefit themselves from helping others. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Let’s ignore the bad advice of “Don’t Look Up.” Look up! See this unique military community we belong to. Serving our country doesn’t come without challenge and stress but our job should not be a place we dread. A little TLC to those around us helps us all stay strong so we can finish this journey well.