Base gyms, fitness classes return in limited capacity

PSP Fitness and Sports Instructor Josh Tanner leads a small group in an exercise class on Porteous Field on June 24.

Base gyms, fitness classes return in limited capacity

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

As more members of Formation Halifax begin to return to their workplaces, PSP staff are working to bring opportunities for exercise back to the base as well.

As of June 22, both the Fleet and Shearwater gyms have reopened, though with reduced capacity and a number of new safety protocols in place. Access to the gyms is currently exclusively to CAF members, and appointments for each room must be booked in advance with one-hour time slots. Rooms will be at 30 percent capacity to abide by new provincial rules, change rooms will be limited, and showers and water fountains remain closed, meaning members should bring their own water and arrive dressed in workout gear if possible.

Disinfectant spray bottles will be given to each person who uses the gym upon entry, and members are required to spray equipment down after use. Anyone who refuses to practice social distancing or to follow the new cleaning requirements will no longer be permitted at the gyms.

At the Fleet gym, Fitness Coordinator Lucas Hardie said things were going well with members beginning to trickle back in for their workouts. Because time and space are limited, the hope is to maximize the 30 percent capacity to ensure everyone who wants to use the gym can get a chance.

“We’ve sent out the notification to all of the sports reps, and we’re encouraging units to get groups together to fill out timeslots, rather than having members of one unit coming in throughout the day,” he said.

PSP staff also continue to use the True Coach app for one-on-one virtual fitness and training advice for clients, and Hardie said feedback has been positive, with more members signing up each week.

And for those interested in getting outside for a workout in a group setting, exercise classes have resumed on Porteous Field each Tuesday and Thursday at 1 p.m.

Units wishing to book time at the Fleet Gym or a group workout on Porteous Field can contact Hardie at, or in Shearwater, call the gym front desk at front desk at 902-720-1071. Those interested in one-on-one virtual training should contact Isaac Habib at, and clients of the Reconditioning Program can reach out to Kerianne Willigar at to schedule time. Questions can also be directed to the gym front desks at 902-427-3524 for the Fleet Gym and 902-720-1071 for the Shearwater Gym.