12 Wing Shearwater shows its artistic side

PSP’s Alyssa Bruce and Matt MacKenzie helped organize and carry out the evening’s activities. AVIATOR DOUGLAS HAMILTON

12 Wing Shearwater shows its artistic side

By Trident staff

PSP Halifax’s Community Recreation team held its second paint night event on June 22 at 12 Wing Shearwater, with 20 military and civilian participants coming out to meet some colleagues and let out a bit of creativity.
PSP Community Recreation Supervisor Alyssa Bruce says painting has always been a passion of hers, and she had a blast leading the instruction portion of the evening and meeting all the participants.

“We had charcuterie, music, and an inviting cozy atmosphere set up for our participants to feel at home here at Shearwater Fitness and Sports Centre,” Bruce said.

The team is planning to host more Shearwater paint nights in the fall and into next year. To get involved, reach out to Alyssa at or to Community Recreation Coordinator Matt MacKenzie at

The event was hosted at the Shearwater Fitness and Sports Centre. AVIATOR DOUGLAS HAMILTON