100 Days of…Better Health

100 Days of…Better Health

By Derrick Enslow,
Acting Manager, PSP Health Promotion

We are well into the final quarter of 2018, meaning it is time both to reflect back and look forward. In 2018, Health Promotion was busy implementing the 100 Days of Health challenge with over 320 participants across the Formation. Congratulations to everybody who took on the challenge and especially our grand prizewinner, Holly Scothorn (EAP Manager, HR-Civ), who won a PSP Falls Lake Getaway. For 2019, Health Promotion has plans for another exciting challenge, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, there is no better way to continue your quest to health and wellness than to sign up for our Better Health program. Better Health fuses nutrition education with physical activity in an effort to help you be the heathiest you. We have incorporated the use of Fitbit technology with basic nutrition and exercise to track your healthy lifestyle improvements.

The most important thing is to take advantage of all the health and wellness programs and services that are at your disposal across CFB Halifax. You can also maintain your overall health on a daily basis by going for walks, eating healthy, taking mental health breaks by meditating and building up your social network by volunteering at a local charity. Helping yourself and others does the mind and body good.

And finally, in addition to Better Health, you may also sign up for a variety of Health Promotion programs and courses by visiting