STADPLEX to close in October

STADPLEX will be closing at the end of October 2018. After 75 years of use, the facility has reached the end of its useful life, as longterm economical repair is not feasible.

STADPLEX to close in October

By CFB Halifax

After 75 years as a health and physical fitness hub for local military members, their families and the community, CFB Halifax’s Stadacona Fitness, Sports and Recreation Centre (STADPLEX) will permanently close its doors by October 31, 2018. The facility has reached the end of its useful life and, although currently safe for occupancy, is now beyond long-term economical repair.

As we begin an orderly departure from this facility, our Personnel Support Programs (PSP) staff is working diligently to ensure that STADPLEX programming and services remain available to the Defence community. The 12 Wing Shearwater Fitness and Sports Centre will remain operational seven days a week, open to Defence Team members, veterans and members of the public who possess memberships. The Fleet (HMC Dockyard) Fitness Centre will see its hours extended to accommodate members of the Defence community who frequent the facility for PT classes, programs and day-to-day use. Updated program scheduling and revised hours of operation will be made available in the coming weeks and will be announced via MCAN messages and on the PSP website.

Both locally and at a national level, we recognize the wide-ranging benefits of health and physical fitness, both from an operational readiness and deployability perspective and for our members as individuals. The health and physical fitness services we offer on Base provide opportunities for socialization and community building that can lead to increased morale and improved mental wellness both on and off the job. Providing these important services to our CAF members will remain a priority.

The closure of STADPLEX will happen in phases, with the closure of the pool and squash courts taking place first. The official dates of closure for these two facilities have not yet been determined, but notice will be given to members and community groups as the dates are confirmed.

A project proposal for the replacement of STADPLEX is in early stages of development and is expected to take several years to deliver. This long-term solution will come with full support and commitment from our leadership and will ensure that our Defence community is able to enjoy vital health and physical fitness services for years to come.

For the latest updates and information including a list of FAQs, please visit the PSP website at,-Sports-and-Recreation-Centres/Stadacona.aspx