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Sports throwback: Admiral Jones Shield


The Admiral Jones Shield has been presented annually at CFB Halifax for more than 70 years, meaning there’s a long list of exceptional athletes who have taken the award over the decades. For the year 1980, the prize went to Able Seaman D.R. (Dusty) Mill, who was a member of HMCS Cormorant’s supply department at the time. AB Mill was credited for her accomplishments in a variety of sports at the base, inter-part, and inter-mess levels, including volleyball, broomball, badminton, curling, golf, and softball, where she was known to be an excellent second baseman. AB Mill was only the second woman to ever win the award. The award was presented by CFB Halifax Base Commander Capt(N) Keith Young. The Admiral Jones Shield is still presented each year to a military member who makes the largest contribution in conduct, character and sportsmanship to sports activities in Formation Halifax.