Mini Grey Cup returns on November 18

Photo: Mona Ghiz, MARLANT PA

Mini Grey Cup returns on November 18

By Trident Staff

There’s less than a week to go before the 51st Mini Grey Cup flag football game will kick off at Stadacona’s Porteous Field, the first match to be held since 2019 when the event marked its 50th anniversary.

A long-standing tradition since 1969, the Mini Grey Cup is a friendly, but highly competitive, flag football game held every year between non-commissioned members (NCMs) — the Fleet Club Slackers — and the Wardroom Officers.

In 2019, the Slackers scored a 20-14 victory over the Wardroom, continuing their winning streak that has seen them take the trophy for most of the past two decades.

PSP Fitness and Sports Coordinator Kevin Miller, said the match is being held a bit later than usual this year to accommodate a busy fall for military members.

“We had to push the game date back a bit to ensure the teams would have enough players,” he said.

Both teams have been practicing since the end of September, with many of the players getting extra playing time on recreational flag football leagues in the city, when they can.

For the fans, the tailgate party starts at Porteous Field at 11:30 a.m. on November 18, with food and drinks, as well as music and giveaways, before the game starts at 1 p.m.