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MEGA Soccer at Porteous Field

HMCS Fredericton took on FDU(A) in the final game of the base MEGA Soccer tournament, held on Porteous Field from June 4-11.

HMCS Fredericton takes MEGA Soccer trophy

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

A MEGA Soccer tournament was held at at Stadacona from June 4-11, with seven teams from the Base, Fleet and 12 Wing Shearwater battling it out for the trophy and bragging rights.

Rather than holding three separate tournaments for COTF, COTW and Wing Cup points, PSP fitness and sports staff have begun combining the tournaments to allow more teams to face each other and improve the overall level of competition.

After the round robin portion, the top teams were HMCS Fredericton, Campus Atlantic, FDU(A) and FMF Cape Scott, who then played a four-team playoff. Teams from HMCS Toronto, BIS, and 12 Wing AMS were eliminated following the round robin. The semi-final games saw Fredericton win 5-2 over Campus Atlantic, while FDU(A) defeated Cape Scott 1-0.

In the final game, the undefeated HMCS Fredericton team fell behind early against FDU(A), trailing 0-2 at halftime despite a number of near goals and a few shots off the crossbar. The divers picked up another goal in the second half, but Fredericton found their groove, netting three goals to reach a 3-3 tie and push the game into extra time. By that point, momentum was on their side, and Fredericton was able to double their score through the extra 15 minutes, ending the game with a 6-3 victory.

As the winning team, HMCS Fredericton receives 90 points for the COTW/COTF/Wing Cup standings, while FDU(A) receives 70 points, Cape Scott 50 points, and Campus Atlantic 40 points.

PSP Fitness Instructor Lauren Walton was the lead organizer for the tournament, and thanked everyone involved for helping PSP hold one of the largest base soccer tournaments in recent memory, and the first in years open to teams from 12 Wing.

The next MEGA sports event will be slo-pitch softball, being held from June 25-29 in Windsor Park.