DND National Road Safety Week: Avoid aggressive driving!

DND National Road Safety Week: Avoid aggressive driving!


This year’s Road Safety Week campaign is a strong reminder that the decisions drivers make not only affect them, but also other participants in traffic with whom they share the road. It is designed to increase the compliance with DND, as well as federal and provincial safe driving measures to save lives and reduce injuries on Canadian roads.   

The DND Road Safety Week initiative will be running May 13-19, 2024  in conjunction with Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025, which aims to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world. It will focus on: raising awareness and commitment towards road safety; enhancing legislation and enforcement, enhancing existing road safety measures, and enforcement strategies that will focus on aggressive driving and road user distraction. 

Aggressive driving collisions involve a driver that follows too closely, exceeds the speed limit, drives too fast for the current conditions, disobeys a traffic control, fails to yield the right-of-way, or passes improperly. During this campaign, drivers are reminded to avoid aggressive driving behaviours and keep the safety of themselves and others in mind when they make decisions at the wheel. 

The campaign will also focus on the following topics: drug-impaired driving, alcohol-impaired driving, fatigue-impaired driving, distracted driving, driving without a seatbelt, speed limits, and safe driving in all seasons. 

 For more information on the Strategic Joint Staff / Strategic J4 – Transportation / Transport Road & Vehicle Safety Program, visit on the DWAN.